5 Tips To Creating Engaging Content

No matter what internet marketer you hear, each one will have a different perspective on what the most important element is when it comes to marketing. You may hear it is contextual ads, social media, or budget; however, the most crucial factor when it comes to marketing is engaging content.



If you have ever noticed when searching on a specific topic you will find all kinds of boring or even useless information that does not provide you with the answer to your question. No matter the topic, you and everyone else looking for answers are not looking for the bare facts, but more information that can help them solve a problem, make a decision, or just to learn more about the topic. Therefore, when you have a blog already in place or are just creating your first blog, you want to ensure that you are providing your visitors with quality and engaging content.


If you already have a blog, you may be wondering if your blog is engaging. For those just starting out with a blog, you may wish to learn more about creating your first blog.


The five most important factors when creating engaging content include:

Compelling and Correct Headlines


The headline is the most important part of your article. The headline as taught in school sets the mood for the rest of the article or the paper. The headline needs to be correct, compelling, and informative at the same time.


Even if you are rehashing an old topic, you can create compelling headlines. An example might be an article on Understanding Feral Cats which has been presented under this title in several publications. You, of course, are going to go a completely different direction as you take care of a colony of feral cats, therefore you could come up with a title like The Life and Times of a Feral Cat Colony. By coming with a title, it will also help you create your article or paper in a smoother manner.


Ask Others to Comment


When content is engaging, it will cause an emotional response, cause others to relate or to disagree with your content. When writing your content, it is important to put yourself in their shoes. What type of questions would you ask on the topic, what would you like to learn, or what would interest you about the topic? Once you can answer these questions, you can easily write content that gives your readers what they desire and gives them the opportunity to respond in the comments. You can if you want others to respond is to write articles that are question-based.


Visual Effects


It is a proven fact that posts offering photos, videos, or screenshots do better than posts without any type of multimedia. You must know this especially if you enjoy YouTube or share photos on Facebook. You can quickly tell just how many of your friends will share a picture you post or give you some type of response while if you only post words the post will not be shared as often.


Short and Neat


Most people will not read long articles. Most want their answers or to learn something quickly. Short sentences, short paragraphs, and using uncomplicated wording will do wonders. In addition, you want to give your readers something to do. This just means write in an action style which will give them something to do rather than just read an article but will encourage them to try to do something new.




You may know your subject very well; however, it does not do any harm to research your topic so you can add more information that is relevant to your topic. The example above using feral cats, you could find more information from larger rescues that work with feral cats. This will give your readers a better understanding and it will help give your article more authority.