Reducing the Risk of Sewer Flooding in Batemoor and Lowedges

Batemoor and Lowedges in Sheffield will benefit from better protection from sewer flooding once Yorkshire Water’s investment scheme has finished in the next few months.

Two old sewers which burst, causing sewer flooding near local properties, have been replaced. 1.6 million was spent by Yorkshire Water on a new larger sewer to replace these sewers and reduce this risk of flooding. Emergency Sewer Repair in such a condition could be necessary because, if not attended to immediately, the flooding situation could worsen and might also cause diseases to the locals due to the sewer waste.

The new sewer runs from the sports field near Greenhill Main Road all the way to Yorkshire Water’s sewage pumping station off Jordanthorpe Parkway. To avoid similar instances in the future, coating the pipeline with a thick layer of picote (by engaging a commercial pipe coating service) would be a prudent solution that would allow the pipe to remain stable at temperatures that might otherwise cause it to burst and lead to flooding.

To minimize disruptions during the work, Yorkshire Water along with its contractors, Barhale PLC, has been laying the sewer in grass verges in addition to using a tunneling technique to lay the new sewer under the road.

Although four road crossings were necessary (Chesterfield Road South, Lowedges Road, Greenhill Main Road and Jordanthorpe Parkway), most of it has been laid in grass verges in the vicinity of Chesterfield Road South.

Louise Haigh, local MP, paid a visit to the scheme on Tuesday 14th February to check on progress and learn more about the new 1.6 million sewer.

Louise Haigh MP for Sheffield Healey said: “I was pleased to see Yorkshire Water performing this vital investment and maintenance work to tackle pollution and flooding risks. It was also interesting to learn about the new tunnelling techniques being used to minimise traffic and customer disruption during the works, no one would have noticed that they were working underneath Chesterfield Road South and hopefully more work can be carried out in this manner in the future.”