Your Complete Roller Banner Design Guide: How to Design the Best One for Your Needs

Roller or pop up banners are used by many businesses today, and are still quite popular despite the emergence of other marketing tools (especially online marketing tools). When it comes to a traditional marketing tool that works, roller banners have proven their advantages time and time again. But when you are designing a roller banner, there’s a thin line between making an effective design and making a design that’s easy to ignore. Here, then, is your complete roller banner design guide: how to design the best one for your needs.

Consider the size


First, you have to consider the roller banner’s size. What size is really appropriate for the space you are thinking of? If you are using the banner indoors, then you must make sure that it’s suitable for the available space. If it’s too large, it can be overwhelming, and if it’s too small, it might not get noticed at all. But consider this as well: even if you choose to have a bigger banner, it’s still best not to flood it with too many details and too much information. Keep it simple and subtle, but make use of the right colour combinations, text, and fonts.


Consider the colour

As mentioned, the right colour combinations can greatly contribute to the overall effectiveness of your roller banner, as agreed on by banner printing experts. Choose the right colours, and you’re set – choose the wrong colours, and you can end up with a banner that’s glaring, unsightly, cheap-looking, and altogether an eyesore. Be bold in your colour choices, but don’t be tempted to use all the colours of the rainbow. A few bold and bright colours are ideal, especially if they contrast yet complement each other (check out a Pantone colour wheel for a better idea). Also, make sure the colours you choose can still look great with your company logo. One tip: if you want to emphasise a point or message, use dark colours, as the eyes rest longer on darker colours than on lighter ones.


Consider the font


Again, the font can make a vast difference in the success of your banner. It’s already a given to choose a font that is easy to read and view, even from a distance. But don’t go overboard with your fonts, either. It’s better to stick with one or two (maximum three) fonts for roller banners, as too many fonts can make your banner look cluttered and disorganised.


Consider the image


Most banners make use of images in order to grab the attention of the audience. But you also have to make sure that the images you choose are relevant. Do they emphasise your message, and do they ‘speak a thousand words’? If you are to use images, make sure they are high quality as well.


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