Why Forex is the Best Type of Trading to Do Alongside a Full Time Job

A lot of professionals want to find ways they can use some of their income as capital to create a further income through trading and investment. There are, of course, lots of ways to do this, with options like playing the stock market, trading commodities, CFD trading, and foreign currency trading. All of these can present you with ways to use good analytical skills to make trades and try to earn a profit on top of your investable capital, however they also all require you to be able to spend time actively trading as well as keeping on top of the news affecting the markets you operate in. This can be difficult when during business hours, you are busy doing your regular job!

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Forex is a 24 Hour Market


This is one of the reasons why, if you would like to do some trading but have no availability during stock market trading hours, choosing forex trading on a platform like Oanda can be the best option. Forex allows you to have your trading sessions at times that fit with both your trading strategy and your availability. Because the forex market is about trading between currencies and each currency exists in a time zone (with some like the US dollar and euro having locations in more than one time zone that use them), there is activity at all times (except for part of the weekend), and this means you can plan your trading sessions for evenings or even overnight in the time zone you live in.


Use Your Existing Knowledge


Another reason why forex is good for busy people is that you probably already have a lot of knowledge that will prove useful. While you will of course have to learn how to trade and start following the economic events in the countries whose currencies you work with very closely, most people already know quite a lot about the macroeconomic news affecting at least their own country. It is also much easier to find and follow what is going on at a macroeconomic level in a country than to find useful information to help you make decisions on an individual stock. All trading is quite research intensive (if you want to do it well), but forex tends to be most affected by the same kind of things you would be following as news stories anyway, meaning it will be a smaller learning curve.


If you want to add some trading into your approach to money alongside a professional job, then forex can be a flexible and interesting option.