What Work Stress Could Be Doing To You

Work, work, work, and then you work some more. You can’t pay bills or keep a roof over your head without a job. You can’t eat right without a paycheck to buy groceries. And, when you’re working too much you’re often eating unhealthily anyway.

Not only does working so much add to your stress levels, but so does your poor diet, your commute time, and the cost of living. For many people, it can often seem like stress is a never ending battle, which may even make you more stressed.


The Thought Of Self-Medicating


Stress can make the idea of finding quick stress relief appealing, but often that quick relief comes from drugs and/or alcohol. Think about how much more stress drugs and alcohol can add to your life. Both damage your liver and can even damage your kidneys, both damage your brain, and they both shorten your lifespan.


Instead of self-medicating, make an appointment with your doctor and talk about your stress and what’s going on in your life. If your stress is causing anxiety or depression your doctor may be able to prescribe something to help. Talking to a therapist can also be of great help on learning to deal with stress better.


Harming Your Heart Health


Stress alone is hurting your heart health. People that suffer from chronic stress are more likely to have heart disease, which can lead to an increased risk of heart attack and stroke. Sure, diet and exercise can help weight heart health, but your stress levels could be defeating all of that work.


Two heart healthy things you should be doing on a regular basis to help combat stress in your life are yoga and meditation. Yoga isn’t just a good workout, it’s good for your mind and your soul as well. Use yoga to allow yourself to relax and destress. Start each day with a meditation and an affirmation to fight stress, and finish each day with a stress relieving guided meditation.


Causing Relationship Issues


Stress from work can seep out at home too. If work is stressing you out on a regular basis it’s pretty likely that your animosity toward your spouse when they talk to you in the wrong tone of voice has more to do with work than them. Work stress can make you snappy with the whole family, so make sure that you realize this is an issue and sit down and communicate with your family. They’ll understand better if you’re open and honest.


Stressful work environments can take a toll on your attitude at work as well. Instead of working yourself so hard that you have the urge to tell off your boss, take a couple days off. The little bit of relaxation time can be refreshing and could save your job.