What To Know About the New Updates To Yahoo Finance

Yahoo has had a difficult time in recent years, and CEO who serves as the president and chief executive officer of the company has been working overtime to turn things around. One of the many recent changes seen around the Yahoo landscape came in the form of updates to the Yahoo Finance site.




The changes have been met with mixed reviews, and many people find that the updates don’t work for their personal preferences and requirements. At the same time, many investors and individuals interested in the financial world still rely on Yahoo, so they’re working to figure out the updates and understand all they need to know about the changes.


Below are some key things to know.


Many of the Changes Focus on Design


When you first visit the Yahoo Finance site, if you’re an experienced user, you may be shocked at what looks like an overwhelming amount of changes, but according to the Michael La Guardia, Senior Director of Product for Sports and Finance, the updates are more aesthetic than anything else. Some of the changes he points out in a recent post on the topic include bigger headlines and photos, and fewer modules. Features like the popular market data, watchlist and portfolios were combined into a dashboard where users have the ability to change stocks as they prefer.


The Old Version Is Still Accessible


If you’re absolutely unwilling to give up the old version of Yahoo Finance, it is possible to access it using the Canadian version of the website, which has been pointed out in blog posts from those people who can’t let go of the site they loved.


Changes in Navigation


Another big area of change on the new Yahoo finance site revolves around the navigation bar. It’s been moved to a horizontal location at the top of the page. The goal of this move was to give extra room for a more in-depth content experience through the infinite news stream. This whole area is intended to be highly personalized and deliver a much more tailored experience to the user. For example, you’ll notice that you have access to news stories that are grouped based on topic, and these themes are guided by things you’ve looked at in the past. Another goal with this change in navigation? Yahoo’s team is hoping the design will make it easier to access the content users most want with fewer clicks.




If you’re a big fan of being able to see data visualizations, Yahoo is striving to simplify this as well. Now, it’s possible to see quick performance summaries on the right side of the screen, and you can see your stocks on any quote page, without having to navigate away from the homepage.


As mentioned, these changes in Yahoo Finance have some users scrambling to go back to the old version, while others may be embracing these changes and seeing them in the way Yahoo hoped the public would: as a simplified and customized way to receive stock and financial information and updates.