Contech (construction technology) is the basic engineering principles and technical skills that are necessary to help contractors, project managers, builders and other professionals to supervise the construction of buildings and other structures. Construction industry has been slow to embrace technology changes into their business models, but those who adapt and understand the benefits of embracing technology advancements they gain a lot and also survive the competitive business world. Many entrepreneurs have adapted and quickly incorporated computers, dial up internet and mobile smart phone internet into their businesses.


This significant change has made information and communication quick and easily accessible and so the construction industry is not different from them. Mobile technology and project management software has allowed project managers to obtain project outlines, project illustrations, lists and tasks for their building teams for more efficiency and accuracy. This digitalization will make it easier to keep communication with workers, control project costs on the construction site and also stimulate 3-D models of the project making the construction process a lot more streamlined.

Time is an important aspect for contractors and construction companies for them to meet the time schedule that they have promised their clients. All the clients want a well and accurately done the job and if it can be done sooner then it will be definitely the best option a client can choose. There could be times when small changes can result in great results. Say, for example, making a change as small as choosing the right cable pulley during construction could help in maximizing cable life and multiply the force exerted while lifting heavyweights. Check out Sava Cable’s guide on choosing cable pulleys here, to know more about how to select the right mechanical cable pulley.

Construction technology has help contractors and project managers to speed up their construction process by making resource management, time tracking, communication, and response time faster and efficient. It has also made document and information sharing easy for contractors, builders and owners through the project management software and automated signature mobile applications, it is more efficient to process documents for on-time approval and also keep the construction process moving to avoid any possible delays. Construction technology has changed the construction industry a lot from the drafting of the designs all the way to the building process construction technology has also brought about the design and modeling software programs that allows the contactors to show their clients the exact look of the project once it is completed.

Construction technology has also allowed the contractors and project managers to make changes on the project before the builders start working on it to ensure accuracy and avoid misinterpretation of the original idea. There is rise on the demand of mobile technology that has made the smart phones and other handheld devices like tablets assets for many construction companies. Nearly everyone is using mobile technology therefore mobile construction applications make it easy for the contractors and builders to share information and associated documents easily among themselves. This will ensure that every person has been notified of the changes on the project or if there are new projects then every team player is notified.

Construction management software program will make it easy for contactors to easily develop quick solutions to construction problems, meet construction management requirements, reduce time wasting activities and get the ability to fully focus on the project in order to maximize the construction efficiency.

Most people tend to believe that technology will fully replace the manual jobs but that is not true, construction technology will create more jobs by creating alternative job departments where human involvement in decision making is crucial. Construction companies should invest in construction technology to reduce long term project costs, be productive and also to be competitive in the construction market. For many construction projects managers and contractors, accuracy and speedy reliable information have become an important practices. However, there are various areas where technology cannot substitute manpower. Say, for instance, labor-intensive tasks such as scaffolding, removing debris, etc,. demands manual labor. Therefore, as long as new structures get constructed there will be a need for scaffolding services in Sheffield (or places in your vicinity), along with other construction activities like concreting, welding, carpentry, and so on.

Today’s technology in the construction industry offers the project managers and all other professionals the ability to have virtual tours to capture high-resolution information that will enable the contractor, project managers, builders, designers, and the owners to communicate easily and efficiently. A wide range of construction technology can be employed in the office and also in the construction site depending on the type of construction project is being worked on, tools like drywall sanders, cordless tools, pipe benders, and threaders will contribute a lot in money saving and this will have a great impact on the profit margin of the construction company.

By GenieBelt – leading construction software, designed both for enterprises and SMB’s.