Weekend Wager Clubs – When Sports Betting Gets Serious

If you’re a casual sports bettor and you put down a few pounds every other weekend with websites like Sports Betting America as well as others, haven’t you ever wondered why it appears as if there’s always someone who might be taking this sports betting thing a lot more seriously than you do? This question particularly comes up when you check out the results and the payouts to go with those results. There’s always at least one person who seemingly manages to get their predictions right, who gets the best Biathlon Quoten or for whichever sport they’re betting on, and goes home with the jackpot.


The truth is either one person has a lot of money to put down on bets to start off with and so they can afford to lose large sums with the end-plan of occasionally nailing that one big win, or the likelier scenario which has a group of sports bettors coming together to form a weekend wager club. Weekend wager clubs are becoming quite a thing amongst sports lovers because fundamentally sports betting is all about odds and not the apparent skill required to predict the results.

Weekend wager clubs signify sports betting gone serious and some of these wager clubs are so organised that they have a professional corporate structure about them. They pay tax when their winnings fall within the jurisdiction of countries which do tax “professional gamblers” and have contracts drawn up which clearly stipulate all the terms and conditions related to how winnings are divided up and how betting is to commence.

One weekend wager club delighted in the fact that they were eligible for a huge tax refund when they learned that in the UK you don’t pay tax on the money you generate as a “professional gambler.” The same weekend wager club was obviously not willing to share their betting strategies with us (I also wouldn’t share if I had a winning sports betting strategy), but what they did share with the White Collar Club are some of the tools they use to give themselves any advantage they can get.

One such tool used to their advantage is the array of bonus codes available at winner.codes, which they essentially use to get some extra money to bet with, with each deposit made for their sports betting efforts. It works out to quite a sizeable advantage when you actually consider it because in some instances these bonus codes effectively go up to around 200% in bonus credits. Every bettor loves any equivalent of a “free spin”, free entry or a bonus pariuri (bonus bet), but with sports betting those extra bets which they can effectively make are mostly used to take bets on the so-called crazy results.

That’s essentially the secret to the resounding success of many serious weekend wager clubs — betting on the crazy results which come around every so often and when they do, they pay really big.

So next time you perhaps walk into a sports bar and you take notice of the same group of people celebrating a bit too hard for it to be purely their passion for their favourite sports teams, ask if you could perhaps join what must clearly be their weekend wager club.