Web Based Business Funding Sources

How much does it really cost to start a web-based business? Well that really depends on the type of web-based business you want to start up. If it’s a basic sales page for instance – you know, one of those classic ones with a big heading at the top and some compelling sales pitch text? – then that’s simply a matter of buying a domain for under $10, a web hosting service for about $5 per month and you’re good to go…assuming you can write your own sales copy, design the basic layout of a sales page and perhaps even design and touch-up some re-enforcing graphics, that is.

Otherwise you might have to pay a copywriter for as little as $0,005 per word, perhaps buy a sales page template for as little as $10 as well as a basic sales page graphics package which you can get for between $10-$20. You do the maths and you’ll realise that a web based business can be up-and-running for under $100, but then comes the hard part which is getting people to visit your sales page and then doing some analytics with regards to their browsing and buying behaviour.


At the best of times this doesn’t have to cost any money at all — the marketing, that is, but that often comes with years of trial-and-error and experience with many other web based sales ventures.


So it’s clear that a web based business doesn’t have to cost an arm and a leg to get off the ground, but what are your options in terms of funding sources besides paying money out of your own pocket?


Believe it or not, but some of the most successful web based sales businesses were funded with money which effectively materialises out of thin air, such as from winnings one perhaps gets out of making use of the free spins an online casino like the Cherry Casino gives new players who join the platform. A scenario such as that would make for the ultimate way through which to get funding for your online business, otherwise you’d perhaps have to dig into your own pocket, but not all that deeply in any case.


I would suggest seeking third-party funding, but that should only really be an option if you have a seriously big idea and you need some money in the mould of what venture capitalist firms avail. Otherwise you’d only really be setting yourself up for someone to front as an investor, meanwhile they’re learning the in-and-outs of your web-based business idea and can perhaps just put a team of developers together to come up with their own version of your web-based business idea.


So the takeaway from this is that wherever possible, try to get funding from sources which one wouldn’t ordinarily think to get funding from. In the case of the casino bonus example, an online casino doesn’t advertise itself as a funding source for a web-based business, but if you know how to make use of their promotions such as the various types of bonuses they offer, then it very well could be the best funding source.