Tips on Windows Installation

One of the most frequent mistakes that people getting windows face is improper windows installation. Some people might use companies possibly similar to Beissel Windows & Siding – a windows and siding company in St Paul or a window company in their local area that specializes in installation to ensure that this is done correctly. A lot of people think that good quality windows are the whole way to the perfect windows in the house, however, experts argue that installation is in fact 50% of your success. With the wrong or poor installation even the most expensive and qualitative windows will not perform as they are supposed to. This is why many people choose to look for a professional to help them, such as can be found at, as otherwise, it means that they will simply be wasting their time and money. So bear in mind that installation is as important as purchasing the right windows. In the article below you will find several important tips for the proper windows installation regardless of whether you plan to do it yourself or hire contractors.


First of all, you need to accept the fact that even professionally installed windows will leak a little. This is a rule. You cannot stop this process, but you can lessen it. According to Burlington windows experts you need to use a three-inch-wide ice shield in order to wrap the frame of the window opening before you begin installing the exterior house wrap. Then you need to tap the house wrap and seal it at all windows openings.

When the actual windows installation is going on, make sure to seal correctly the nailing flange on both sides with special silicone caulk. After such isolative procedure any possible water penetrating the window will be forced to flow directly down the wall without getting inside of the house. For correct installation, you may want to take the help of a siding company like that offers siding and window installation services. This way, you can ensure that the structure around the window remains intact.

Second, if you have a wooden house, keep in mind that wood shrinks as it dries. It means that because of gravity, whatever is attached to your home’s wood framing will anyway move in a downward direction. The same thing happens with the framing of your windows.

So when considering windows installation, remember that brick veneer, for instance, does not shrink at all and it is not attached to the wood frame. Therefore, the brick will be a stationary object having no movements in the future. The Burlington windows professionals explain that total weight of the house will make your windows squeeze against the stationary brick; as a result the exterior portion of a window sill will bow.

So the trick to deal with such a problem is to make it look that way. The brick sills should be cut to fit with the front of the windows before installation and then you need to use caulking to prevent weather entry. If and usually when the home begins to shrink, the windows after the proper installation process will slide down behind the brick sill, and you will have a possibility to maintain the caulking in case needed. Additionally, if you have siding installed in your house exterior (perhaps by a reputable professional available on, it can also come in handy since the siding can save walls from expanding or shrinking due to weather conditions. In that case, siding can work as a means of weatherproofing your house exterior and preventing your window frame from slipping.

In case your house is not wooden, you have already avoided the described above issue beforehand.

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