The Ultimate 9-5 Escape Plan

In some countries it’s referred to as an eight-to-four job, well because those are the hours the white collar workers typically work, so too some of the blue collar workers who work the day-shift, but either way, escaping your 9-to-5 job will be a lot easier than you might first think if your approach is right. I don’t care how “fulfilling” your job is or how much you can claim to enjoy it, but if somebody offered to pay you the exact same salary you currently get and the no-strings-attached offer totally freed you from having to come into work, you would take them up on that offer, wouldn’t you?

If you wouldn’t then you can legitimately claim to really love your job to the point that you would keep going into work even when you really don’t need the money. Anyway, here is the ultimate 9-5 escape plan.

Look closer to home

Sure, you might have signed a non-compete clause which essentially prevents you from competing directly with your employers, but that only legally covers direct competition. Look closer to home when seeking to escape your nine-to-five, because that’s where you can be sure to observe existing systems which are proven to work and perhaps find your own place in the market, where you can create some value which you can then sell.

Use your expertise to create sellable value

If for example you’re working in the financial sector, even perhaps as someone who takes more of an administrative role that has them operating away from the direct sales mechanisms, you should use the expertise you have as a means through which to try and escape your miserable 9-5. It’s nowhere near making for insider trading if for instance you’re a banker and you open up a CFD trading account through which to play the markets and try and make yourself some good money on the side.

You wouldn’t want to be trading forever though, so you could perhaps create a video series or publish some e-books about your successes (and failures) as a newly-minted CFD trader, then you can proceed to sell that value.

Scale up your operation

Once you’ve found some value which actually proves to sell, the next port of call is scaling up your operation. This is where it just becomes about numbers and it sure beats having to go into work every morning and then slaving away for a pay-cheque which you get in exchange for your time.

Wrap up

So escaping the firm clutches of your nine-to-five job ultimately comes down to one process, which is that of making the transition from someone who exchanges their time for money into someone who creates value that can be sold without the need for them to get directly involved all the time. Start where you are with what you have, because looking too far out will only serve to distract you, plus you’d be missing out on an opportunity to proceed with the aid of a system you’re familiar with and a system which is tried and tested, and proven to work.