The Importance of Mobile Devices in the Workplace [Infographic]

Most people have one or more mobile devices, and they take them everywhere they go. This goes for people of all demographics, including employees who happen to be on the clock at the time. Dell has some interesting numbers to describe the reality of workplace mobile device usage, as well as some suggestions for how all of this is bound to transform the workplace of tomorrow. All of these future prognostications are somewhat speculative, but these numbers can make you sure that mobile usage and byod security will be important ideas in the next few years.

58% of people surveyed think that they will rely on mobile technology to get through the workday in the coming year. Because 80% of companies have no specific mobile management policy, these devices may be the ones employees bring from home, or they may be special devices handed out by HR. With the lack of regulation around mobile devices, there is a significant risk of security breaches, giving cybercriminals the opportunity to take advantage of these vulnerabilities. With the growing awareness of the need for mobile security, more and more companies are turning to companies like Pradeo to develop secure systems for their mobile devices. Unfortunately, the number of businesses that have invested in such measures is still relatively low, as evidenced by recent statistics that many companies still do not have a concrete mobile security plan in place.

Based on the statistics, Dell had some further interesting findings. 17% of all employees reported using their mobile device of choice before they left for work, no matter how early the day began. ⅗ of respondents made an interesting statement: they thought they didn’t have to be physically present in an office in order to be productive. That attitude, combined with many other factors (mobile devices included), paint a picture of a centralized workplace that may be starting to dissolve. At the very least, it seems to be one that is starting to allow employees more individual solidarity, a trend that will certainly let up no time soon. For all workers (and the mobile devices they love) these are interesting developments to observe.