Scaling Up Successfully

Make no mistake about it, it requires quite a bit of work and it perhaps even comes as a cause for many headaches and sleepless nights, but it makes for one of the better headaches to have as part of your business endeavours when you’re faced with the prospect of having to scale up your operation. What it fundamentally means is that you’ve achieved a very tangible measure of success – success which is the envy of many fellow businesspersons, entrepreneurs and even competitors – and so your natural growth trajectory sees you needing to institute some very significant changes in order to expand and perhaps meet the demands of clientele that’s grown beyond what you can currently handle.

So what does it entail to scale your operation up successfully? It’s a lot trickier than what one might first think because it isn’t a simple matter of looking at your inputs required to yield the outputs and endeavour to increase each aspect of the input in direct proportionality to the growing yield demand. In other words, if you have a restaurant that’s growing in popularity and you have to turn away customers putting up a sign that says ‘full’, stocking more supplies to make more food isn’t going to solve the ‘problem’.

What you’d need in this instance is perhaps a bigger premise to house more of your dining guests. This would of course call for a bigger budget, additional staff, finding specialists in hospitality aprons if you choose to have a uniform, and so much more. But then again, other factors and possible limitations come into play, such as perhaps that your restaurant’s popularity is a result of its great location, and yet there is no space for you to expand in any direction at your current location. Or perhaps, you thought of expansion space before buying the property, but you decided to upgrade your services by installing a commercial-grade refrigeration system (you can explore a few refrigeration service companies to learn more). Plans can change with time, and if customer satisfaction is your business moto, you may face such issues more frequently.

While dealing with situations, you may have to put on your thinking cap and come up with an innovative solution for expansion. You can implement ideas like using modular shipping containers to house some of your dining guests, for example (pop over here to see how they can serve as a customized, modern space for your restaurant).

This example clearly demonstrates (I hope) the argument that it’s not just about increasing the inputs to match the growth demand in the yields.

In sticking with the restaurant business and assuming you are indeed limited for space yet you want to be able to service all the customers and would-be customers who are keen on your offering, it’d perhaps take some creative thinking to make it work and scale up in this way. Put that portable credit card reader you have to good use for example and perhaps create pop-up dining spots in some nearby locations, where you allocate some staff to serve those people and operate somewhat of a mobile dining service. You could also offer a delivery service perhaps where the food gets delivered to your customers’ doors if they live within a certain radius of your restaurant.

Again, this is merely an example and an example which is rather specific to the restaurant industry. The lesson behind this however is that physical barriers to scaling up can most definitely be overcome. It’s just a matter of making use of all the tools which are available to you, most of which are tools which are actually available to anyone, but knowing how best to make use of them gives you that advantage. You can contact for some of these solutions such as portable credit card machines — tools which can come in handy for scaling up your operation successfully.