Running a “Multi-National” Business from Your Laptop

It’s finally upon us – and has in fact been upon us for quite a while now – the age when it’s totally possible to run an entire “multinational” business from a mere laptop. More people are doing it than you may be fully aware of and it’s a particularly common practice among those businesses which don’t rely too much on on-site, physical man-power. Thanks in large part to the internet, you may be sitting in one country just marvelling at the global footprint a certain multinational business seems to enjoy, yet if you were to physically follow the path of their production line, you’d be quite shocked or even delighted to learn that it’s something you could very well be doing yourself, on your own at that.




So what does it take to operate a “multinational” business or company from your laptop? Here are a few essentials:


The Business Offering


This doesn’t perhaps have to be the very first element to think about, believe it or not, quite simply because a lot of businesses are often born out of the identification of a gap in the market while the founding entrepreneur is trying to cater to a totally different market demand. Just to make the simplest of examples, in trying to import some goods from another country and perhaps sell them before they officially make their debut in your own home country, or even your home town, you could perhaps have spotted a gaping hole in the drop-shipping or global shipping market, pointed out by some potential buyers of those products who don’t have access to the regular payment facilities exclusively offered by the suppliers who sell all those goods they’d otherwise love to purchase. Therein could be something like a re-shipping business discovered by accident while you were perhaps merely just trying to target your own local market.


So the business offering (what your business is all about) is great to have up-front, but if you discover it as you go along, that’s perhaps even better.


An Online Presence


Your online presence is perhaps the most important element of operating a global business from your laptop because this is what brings all the customers, possibly from all over the world. This is where your prospective clients get to find out about what you have to offer and it’s increasingly becoming about whether or not you can deliver what you promise as opposed to what qualifications you hold, or the qualifications of any members forming part of your business operation.


A Global Physical Presence


This is perhaps the hardest part of the equation, or so people think because it’s actually not that difficult to establish a global physical presence. Serviced offices like BE Offices for instance, instantaneously give you a physical presence in prestigious business hubs, which in this instance is in London. There are similar services for locations all over the world, which would make for great places for meeting those old-fashioned clients who insist on doing business the old way, if that is indeed part of what your business offering is. Otherwise having a perceived global presence in this way, legitimised by the fact that the offices are serviced of course, can often mean the difference between getting that much-needed business you seek online and having a prospective client overlook your offering in favour another provider.