Politics, More Than Just Current Affairs

Politics is often a part of our society that we either love or hate, with very few of us having an indifferent stance. It is something that can deeply move us to act, change our way of thinking, and even cause arguments, simply because it speaks to us in a specific way. While every political change has the chance to do this, some engage the public more than others, with the current EU Referendum being one of them.


Whether the UK is part of the European Union is a question that has been hotly contested before over the years, going as far back as the 1970s. However, most will remember the recent debate from 2014 when there was an EU Referendum Bill circulating the House of Commons. Although it was big news at the time, the disagreements inside the Coalition Government alone prevented the bill from being passed as a law. To the masses this was seen as a done and dusted issue, however, when the Tory government won the General Election, they put the spotlight on the EU debate once more, promising that a referendum would be held to decide the UK’s involvement. That time is now, with the ultimate question being: will we stay or will we leave?

Both outcomes have various implications for both our politics and our society as a whole, such as immigration. If the UK stays within the EU it is said that our economy will continue to grow due to this free movement of immigrants, this is because a lot of our economy relies on migrant labour. On the flip side of this though, you have the option for the UK to tighten their border control regulations if they leave the EU. It will probably come as no surprise that most of what is being argued now on both sides has been debated before. Although the larger questions split the nation down the middle, so too does how the final poll will pan out. While that might not sound that fun, there is a way to make the sometimes tedious world of politics a lot more enjoyable, and that’s via https://sports.betway.com. Known as one of the leading bookmakers within the market, Betway has a whole host of favourable odds for their customers, of which the latest political debate is included. This is because they have a ‘specials’ section which looks at current affairs, movies, and even awards.

What makes this section so versatile is that it looks at both domestic and abroard topics, such as the American Presidency Campaign. American politics are just as colourful as our own, possibly more so which makes them entertaining to follow. However, what makes them more important to us is how their politics will impact on the UK; the special relationship between the USA and UK is a long running partnership, and one that affects both parties deeply. Unlike General Elections where we focus on party politics, the USA are all about their candidates, and there is a lot of them: Republicans, Democrats, Socialist, the list goes on. While this is very confusing for those who don’t closely follow the politics of the New World, the variety works in favour of those who like varied betting odds.