New Windows: Frame Choosing Tips

traditional-kitchenWhen people imagine windows it is most likely that they have wooden frames in their minds. At the same time all these people usually understand that wooden frames are less prone to heat and cold transfer if compared to aluminum ones, because metals in general conduct temperature much more easily. People also like the appearance of wood in most cases. However, windows experts say that unfortunately wood windows are not always the best choice for home renovation. Today the market is full of different options all having both pros and cons for a variety of situations. Below we present some of the most important aspect of each type.

Vinyl: Vinyl windows are the most affordable windows on the market. However, windows Concord professionals warn not mix up ‘affordable’ and ‘cheap’. Vinyl windows are the most practical choice in terms of budget which at the same time offers excellent energy efficiency through insulated glass and tight construction reducing air leakage. Though vinyl cannot be painted modern pallet of colors is so big that there is no problems finding the shade you need.

Wood: Wooden windows are the best insulators, but they require more maintenance. They are perfect for dry climates, but in case of high humidity may not perform properly. The greatest thing about wooden windows is their unique appearance.

Aluminum: Though professionals do not consider aluminum as the top-performing material in terms of energy efficiency, aluminum windows are very practical for humid and rainy climates, and they perfectly meet coastal building codes in hurricane-prone areas owing to the strength.

Wood-clad: This is the best option it terms of low-maintenance exterior and a temperature-transfer-resistant interior. Unfortunately, wood-clad windows are prone to water intrusion, so rotting is a common problem for them. If you decide to choose these windows make sure to install proper waterproof rubber membranes around the cladding.

Composite: ‘Composite’ means that this material consists of scrap wood shavings and plastic resins. These are maintenance-free windows which perfectly mimic the look of the natural wood. The greatest advantage of these windows is that they are Eco-friendly as they consist of the recycled plastics.

Fiberglass: This material is made of the composition of glass fibers and polyester resins. Experts explain that fiberglass windows in general are more expensive, however they have the biggest amount of advantages. Exactly fiberglass windows are the most energy efficient owing to their low thermal conductivity of the material; they are also the strongest and the most durable options on the market. Fiberglass material can be painted and re-painted if needed. And the last pro is that they do not twist or warp like wood or vinyl frames can.

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