Necessary Tools For Selling A House

If you are in the business of selling homes, you know it’s simply not an easy process. You may sell two houses in a month. Then, go another 3 months without any luck. The housing market is finicky and when you take into account the individual person and their financial history, the waters can get pretty muddy.

The majority of the time, you will deal with buyers who know a little about the business and sometimes you may find an extremely green buyer. We’re not talking about the recycling type. Once in a blue moon, you will get that customer who makes your job easy. With that said, below are a few tools that can make the process of selling a home a little less troubling, no matter the knowledge of your buyer.


3-D Tours


It’s almost 2018. Technology has advanced so far that now it’s possible for a buyer to tour the home without ever having to step foot in it. This saves gas for both parties, because you no longer have to travel to the house for a tour.


It’s also going to give your potential customers the added benefit of viewing the house without feeling pressured to make an on the spot decision. 3-D tours will save you, the realtor, a load of time, as well by allowing families the opportunity to view the home without ever contacting you. If they decide they are simply not interested, they don’t contact you. It weeds out the chaff, so to speak.


Mortgage Calculator


Once they have decided that they would like to pursue the possible purchase of this home, you need to figure out what kind of mortgage they will be able to afford. The vast majority of couples understand that a down payment is necessary and that there will be monthly payments.


However, many of them forget to consider possible property taxes, insurance, and the interest rate. Having a mortgage calculator handy will give your clients a black and white way to view whether or not they have the means to buy the home. If not, it will also help them understand how much further they have to go before they can. This not only makes their decision process easier, but again, saves you time.


Good Old Fashioned Literature


Still, there are several clients, your older crowd usually, that will contain more experience in this field than most, but may not be as tech savvy. This is why it is always important to maintain a copy of every pertinent flyer describing the process in detail and the documents needed to close the sale.


This group may take a little longer in the decision process, but will save you time in the end by making sure they are educated relieving the need for answering questions about less important details. Your time is as valuable as theirs. Be prepared for every contingency.


Selling a house can be a lot of work for a superhero realtor who forgets their utility belt at home. Use this list as a reminder of the tools you should always carry with you.