Links Every Business Site Should Include

Your business’s website could be the most beautiful construction of code, font, and interface, but without the necessary elements, none of those other elements mean anything. Besides the basics of describing who your business is, what services you offer, and how to contact you, there are several essentials that have become the standard to include on your site. If you own a business that caters to the cannabis market, or any other niche markets, then it’s important that you optimize your website to attract the right kind of customers. So, when you might take the help of colorado marketing experts (or where your business is located) to grow your online presence, these links are likely going to be a priority for them when they set up your website to help your business better!



These links should be at the top of your page with a clear icon displaying where they lead to. The text isn’t necessary, as most people will immediately recognize the logo. Take a look at these essentials and if you don’t have all of these links to offer your potential clients, then you may want to create one asap.


Facebook Fan Page


Every business needs a fan page on Facebook. Whether you are a mini mart in South Carolina or an addiction recovery clinic in Colorado, it can benefit any kind of business, so make sure you link to it whenever possible.


Creating a fan page connects you to your customers and puts a human face behind the business. Customers like to interact and give feedback. Above all, when visiting your fan page, the more positive reviews your business has, the bigger the impact on whether they’ll purchase from you or not.


One tip for growing your fan base on your Facebook page is starting a giveaway. This means offering a chance at winning free services or goods by referring your friends to like the page. This can increase your page by thousands in one day depending on how exciting your giveaway product is.




Linking to your Twitter is standard these days. Twitter is a micro-blog which reaches your audience in a short sentence or two. Your tweets can be something humorous, a link relating to the field of your business, or simply an announcement about a new product or services.




A link to a contact page which leads a person to be able to email you is essential. Usually it is standard to provide the customer with an email or form or alternatively offer the option to email you directly outside the site by listing your address.


Do yourself a favor and save the email addresses you receive from clients which can be stored for a later time which you can use for marketing purposes. This is not to say you should start emailing every email address you get your hands on. By taking the email addresses that have expressed interest in your product or services you are contacting people with a relevant connection to your business. Not just spamming people, which is a big no-no and doesn’t look very credible for a business.