Intelligent ways for managers to save on fleet fuel

Fuel costs account for about 30 percent of your fleet’s total cost of operation, so it makes a lot of sense to train your drivers to manage the vehicles more effectively to minimize your bills as much possible. One of the ways in which you could reduce your fleet’s fuel cost could be to buy commercial fuel in bulk from companies similar to Bonded Oil.


Fleet owners consider various options when it comes to reducing fuel use – including techniques like implementing fleet management software to using fleet fuel cards from Motorpass for your business. To increase fuel economy while optimizing performance of your fleet, simply educate your drivers with the tips below:

Drive at a maximum efficiency speed of the commercial vehicle. All vehicles have a certain speed that allows them to work at the lowest possible level of fuel consumption. Normally, this point is achieved when the engine spin speed does not surpass 1500 RPM.

Your drivers should try driving to reach that maximum efficiency (depends on the car you have) when possible. Driving at maximum performance entail lower fuel consumption.

Practice defensive driving. Most experts recommend using double clutching maneuver when switching to a lower gear. Practically, from a higher gear allow shifting into neutral and release the clutch. After accelerating little in neutral, immediately release the gas pedal and downshift to lower gear.

This maneuver needs to be done quickly and should be utilized only by more experienced drivers. Once applied, this will help you spare the synchronizers, translating into additional benefit of maintaining engine components.

Tire maintenance. Having a low tire pressure increases the quantity of energy that the car uses when cruising. However, good tire pressure and adherence will help your drivers drive more safely while saving on fuel cost. Regularly check that the tire pressure is right to avoid driving with worn out tires.

Using the latest technologies available on the market. As years rolls, so does the technology utilized in cars and the fleet industry in general. Switching to the newest technology and services available on the market, such as the Fleet Management Solutions that you can get from somewhere like Lytx, could be a very good investment to make for the long term. As well as this, using fleet fuel cards for your business will help a lot in saving fuel cost while receiving other exclusive benefits.

Here are some more driver-focused tips you can relay to your fleet drivers.

Monitoring traffic ahead. Constant and sometimes unnecessary gear changes can affect the vehicle’s performance in the long run, so it’s important to keep an eye on upcoming traffic conditions and adjusting accordingly.

Obeying posted speed limits. Speeding endangers the passenger, the driver and the car. It also adds stress on the engine, increasing accident risk and speeding fines. It also decreases the fuel economy of the car.

Take advantage of momentum. The momentum collected by the vehicle on the flat can be used to get over hills more efficiently. It can also be used to roll to a stop at traffic lights. Removing your foot from the accelerator makes the engine (on most modern vehicles) stop using fuel, giving you better fuel saving.

Avoid overfilling.Filling the tank to the brim isn’t exactly a good idea. Not only is it unsafe to other road users, but also wasteful since it can overheat. In case you think you might require additional fuel on the road, you could always make sure you have a backup option that could come in handy such as fuel in a box or other similar options that could be transported safely while also improving the fuel stability.

There you have it. As a fleet owner or manager, you can use these tips to minimize overall fuel usage and save money.