How Well Do You Know Your Logos? – Take a quiz

One of the best traits you can have as an entrepreneur or businessperson is the skill of being attention to detail. Provider of specialist books printing services, Precision Printing, has created a tough logo quiz (perhaps one of the toughest you’ll ever come across right now) with which you can test your own observation skills in a practical application of the observation skills required of a budding entrepreneur or businessperson. It’ll put even the savviest of the brand conscious amongst us right through their paces and is worth a go.

Logos form a huge part of our everyday lives, delivering to us the advertiser or service provider’s message to us in graphical format and in a manner which is designed to draw our attention and pique our interest. We see logos on motorcars and on public transport through our daily commute; we see them on the packaging of our food and in every place we like to relax, socialise and shop.

Of all that a logo is meant for, its most basic purpose is to make brands instantly recognisable to potential customers and what is essentially a small advert for the company it represents needs to convey a message to people about what the organisation is all about, what it does and it also needs to easily relatable to the brand.

Putting your eye to detail skills to the test and the effectiveness of some of the most well-known brands, why not take the quiz below – the final outcome might just surprise you.