How To Turn Your Business Into A Positive Influence

Is the only purpose of your business to make money or get your name out there? Have you ever thought of making your business a positive influence, whether it’s influential in your field or influential in the fact that you do a lot of good things for your community or for a cause of some sort.


According to an article from Dharma Merchant Services, there are many ways you can use your business to leave a positive legacy, whether it’s locally or globally. What you do with your business in order to be influential in a positive realm should have something to do with what your business does.


Donating To Those in need


When a group comes to your business and asks for a donation, what do you do? By donating, and donating well, you could be a positive influence on other businesses in your area. While if you donated to every cause that came to your door your business would become broke quickly, pick ones that mean something to you or what your business does.


If you run a grocery store you might want to donate to causes that work towards feeding the hungry or fighting unhealthy food options (but only if they are ones you don’t carry in your store). A clothing store may participate regularly in something like Coats For Kids or a toy store may participate in Toys For Tots.


Participating In Fundraisers


There are many ways in which a business can participate in online fundraisers. You could donate items for fundraising auctions, your restaurant to host a fundraiser and split the cost of entrees with the group looking for funds. Being part of a fundraiser can be as simple as donating, or as elaborate as planning.


Your business may even want to set up your own fundraiser for a cause that is dear to you or an employee. Maybe someone just lost a loved one to cancer or had a loved one diagnosed with some other illness. A business hosted fundraiser will not just help you influence other businesses to step up, but you will also influence your customers to do something good.


Both of these ideas can be done on a local level, or even a global level, depending on who you’re donating funds to or what you are doing your fundraiser for. Either way, you are turning your business into something influential that shows people you care about more than just making money.


Being a positive influence is about more than just giving. Be kind to your employees, and they’ll be kind to you by doing better work. As a positive leader in your own business you can be a positive influence on all of the people that work for and with you.