How To Become A Wellness Guru/Expert

There is money to be made in wellness, and going into that field is a great way to help other people live happier and healthier lives. While many people don’t like the term “guru,” there is nothing wrong with being an expert in a field and sharing your expertise in order to help people. If you have an expertise in any wellness field, no matter how wide or how narrow, you could be an expert that helps others find wellness.

Learn About All The Wellness Options


There are a lot of wellness modalities out there, so you want to learn about what is there and determine which ones you want to specialize in. To be a full-blown wellness guru you’d need to be skilled in them all. However, you can be a yoga expert, a meditation expert, or even a massage expert and know nothing at all about the other options out there.


Start by determining what you know about the skill you prefer. If you enjoy doing massages on your significant other, but you haven’t taken any formal classes and you’re not certified, then you’re not an expert. Just owning a massage chair does not make you a massage expert.


When you’ve listed the models of wellness you have experience in and licensing in, then you can start determining your expert status. The following things, in combination with your years of experience and any required training or licensing, will help you reach your guru status.

Learn About Supplimentary or Alternative Options

Simply knowing wellness techniques like yoga, meditation and massage aren’t enough. People will come to you with problems that don’t have one solution and you need to know a few recommendable options to supplement their treatment. For example, if your meditation client has an anxiety problem then you could suggest they explore something like pure sativa which is said to help reduce levels of stress.

Appropriate recommendations can distinguish you as a wellness guru and bring in repeat clients. So do your research on certain problems and you can find things that may help in treating them. Do bear in mind that you are responsible for any advice you give. If it concerns serious medical problems then that is perhaps best for a doctor to look at.

Start A Website/Blog


You need to be online, and the best place to get started is to design a website. You want a site that kind of works like a portfolio that shows people why you are an expert in your field. You want pages that explain your experience, proof of your training, and even feedback from the people that you have helped.


It also pays to start a blog. Blogging adds credibility to your website and your professionalism. Blog on topic, often, and make sure you are writing about things that people want to learn about.


Get On Social Media


Social media is another important place to be if you want people to know about your expertise. Set up a business page of some sort, and maybe even start a group that relates to the fields of wellness you specialize in. Each different social media platform offer you something worthwhile, so got on them all.


Publish A Book (Or Many)


Hopefully, you’ve helped plenty of people hands-on and in person, and hopefully, they’ve all written you some awesome testimonies to share online. Now that you have proof that you’re skilled in your wellness field, it’s time to write a book.


You could write about how you got where you are (a biography of sorts) or you could stick with self-help books that revolve around your area of wellness. A book is a sure sign to some that you know what you’re talking about, otherwise, why would you take the time to write it?