How To Avoid Discrimination In Your Workplace

Discrimination can happen in many ways in the workplace, and it can be detrimental to employees that are experiencing it. There are many types of discrimination and it can happen to people of different sexes, different ages, and different nationalities. No matter what the basis of the discrimination it still isn’t right.


In fact, it is so wrong that both people and businesses can find themselves in court over discrimination. Maybe you feel like you got passed over for a job because you’re a woman, or maybe you feel like you didn’t get the raise because of your age. If you have any kind of proof that this is a fact you could get restitution for your poor treatment from your employer.


Even co workers can discriminate against other people on their team, so it is important to know how to avoid this, whether you work with different walks of people or they work for you.


Treat Everyone The Same


There is really one simple way to avoid discrimination, and that is to treat everyone the same, no matter their age, sex, or color. However, there is a difference between treating a slacking employee as though they need to step up their game and treating an older person like they couldn’t possibly do a job a younger person could simply because of their age.


There is a fine line when it comes to being politically correct and being anti-discrimination, and  while you don’t need to award employee of the month to every employee you shouldn’t be skipping over great employees just because they are different.


The Issues Of Being A Woman


There is enough news in the press these days about women getting paid less still for the same jobs as their male counterparts. However, most employers have you sign paperwork when you start working that says you’re not to discuss your pay with coworkers (just a way to hide the discrimination? Who knows). But pay isn’t the only issue.


Women, and men alike, can suffer from sexual harassment in the workplace, but women can be discriminated against when it comes to pregnancy and even breastfeeding. This can happen to workers and even women visiting an establishment. Because women have been so sexualized by media it’s not OK for them to breastfeed in many places, when it should be OK for them to do it anywhere when it’s time for their baby to eat.


If your business has rules against such things it may be time to relook at them and reevaluate for the times that people live in these days. Women enjoy their jobs out of the home and they should be allowed to have careers and be mothers, all at the same time.