How Can Poor Website Maintenance Affect Your SEO Strategy?

For businesses to remain visible and optimized in the eye of the virtual shopper, undergoing a little website maintenance every now and then is a must.

In fact, poorly maintained company websites lead to a whole host of troubles in the long run, not least of all brand visibility and functionality issues.

If you were on the fence about whether or not to conduct some site maintenance of your very own, it is worth thinking about the many ways in which a dilapidated website can negatively affect your entire SEO strategy.

A Drop in Traffic

One of the fundamental reasons for adopting an SEO strategy is to increase digital footfall to your website by using specialized optimization services such as a Denver SEO company or ones similar, so that traffic can increase, making the concept of a poorly maintained digital storefront a fairly counterintuitive move for anyone wishing to make the most out of their marketing plans.

There are a few reasons this might start to happen, such as the inclusion of outdated or low-quality content, broken links, irrelevant information, and a lack of functionality.

Sometimes, a virtual spring clean is a must, but it is not always difficult when trying to run an entire business. In this regard, it might be worth trying to outsource your website maintenance efforts to a reliable company.

A High Bounce Rate

If you have extremely high bounce rates, there is little chance you will create a reliable SEO strategy whatsoever, let alone optimize it.

For your strategy to work, you will need to be able to utilize as much data as possible to define your target audience.

If your site visitors do not spend more than a fraction of a second on your site, you are missing both sales and valuable information regarding their browsing behavior.

A way to reduce this bounce rate is to speed up the site’s page loading times, as is working on an engaging aesthetic with clear navigation.

A Damaged Reputation

Convincing your potential customers that you are the perfect brand to turn to for all of their needs is difficult at the best of times. However, when your website emanates a lack of authenticity and professionalism, it can send them running for the hills, potentially spreading negativity among their peers.

This can be immensely damaging to your brand, especially if you are working to stand out among some fierce rivals.

A high-quality SEO strategy often relies on a vast array of facets, one being brand voice and cohesion.

Tidying up your website aesthetic and adopting a brand voice that resonates with your target audience can be a good way to avoid falling into obscurity and unfamiliarity.


SEO is consistently evolving. To keep up with the current search trends and implement a digital marketing strategy that works, you will need to be flexible and make yourself aware of the stats and facts.

Failing to regularly update and maintain your website can lead to stagnation, which in turn can render your SEO strategy null and void.

To step around this dreadful fate, your SEO strategy should grow alongside your website, as they need to move ever forward, together in tandem, to reach their maximum potential as tangible results makers.