Fun Team-Building Activities Your Employees Will Actually Enjoy

There’s no doubt about the importance of organising team-building events every so often to get your employees refreshed on working as a team and formulating strong workplace bonds with each other, but team building is even more important to assimilate new employees, integrate them and make them feel like they’re part of the team. Team building events and the exercises forming part of proceedings are becoming outdated and boring however, which in itself isn’t really a bad thing. The problem is outdated and boring corporate team building events lose their gist and don’t quite deliver on their intended purpose of constructing good working relationships between all the members of your team expected to work together.


Fun Team Building Activities

While “fun” is indeed the operative word, by no means does it mean that all the enjoyment had, has to replace the ultimate objective. In fact, if team building activities are a bit of fun, the message to be delivered will be received in a much more powerful way in that those elements of team work are subliminally suggested to be a bit of fun and not necessarily daunting tasks associated with the typical work-environment chores. So, while choosing team building activities for work, you may want to think about how to add the fun element to it rather than just focussing on the game aspect. You can, in effect, choose any activity, as long as an element of fun can be added to the lessons.

Those traditional obstacle courses undoubtedly make for a bit of fun and employees end up enjoying them even if they initially only participate because they’re obliged to do so. Once all the camaraderie is in full swing, they make for a quite a bit of fun, however obstacle courses are becoming a bit outdated with regards to the evolved requirements of building a modern day corporate team which is to function effectively in a modern day corporate setting. You’d also probably have to book a venue some way away from your offices or your business premises, so those are just added costs.

A good example of a fun team-building activity could be that of a team gaming session and before you dismiss video gaming as some mindless fun. Consider that the team video gaming environment is something like a gaming booth that compels your employees to interact with each other in a fun environment while working together to achieve a common goal. Games like Doom (look for more info) can be played on different systems from Windows 95 to Xbox. Employees would love to collab on such classic games. If not video games, you can also incorporate fun team activities such as going to an escape room in Atlanta (or where you are located) together. Escape rooms also require groups to put their minds together to solve puzzles that will ultimately get them out of the room. As you can see, there’s a common goal here, too, and one that requires everyone to come together and put their skills to good use. The common goal in this instance is just doing well in the game, but the lesson translates easily into the workplace.

Sports betting sites like M88 also present what is perhaps the perfect opportunity to build a good corporate team, through something as seemingly unrelated as betting on sports. Have them split up into teams (and perhaps also come together to form one “super team”) and then deliberate over the upcoming weekend’s sports. Coming up with reasons for choosing the teams they think are going to win is a process which engages every aspect required of effective team building. Someone will have to take leadership and there’ll be a lot of input required of each employee and in the end there’s a possible reward for choosing the right outcomes and effectively working as a team.