Five forgotten offline marketing techniques

When it comes to marketing, we’ve now become obsessed with the concept of spreading the word digitally, utilising various social media platforms and creating interesting content that’s going to get the attention of those potential customers.





However, there are still plenty of offline techniques that have great worth and can bring in the leads and sales. Here are five that many businesses now forget to implement in their marketing campaigns but you should consider carrying out:




Don’t turn your nose up at the prospect of paying for flyer printing from Helloprint and then passing them out to unsuspecting passers-by in the street or employing some guerrilla marketing to get them in front of people.

While many will avoid you like the plague if you hand them out, this age-old technique does have a decent hit rate and some people will actually take a moment to read what you’re offering and make a note if you have something they need. You don’t just need to hand them out though, posting them through letterboxes and leaving them on coffee shop counters is another good way of spreading the word via flyers.


Speaking at industry events


Wherever your fellow industry associates meet, you need to be. Take advantage of opportunities to speak at industry events, talk about something you are an expert in or about new trends for the year ahead in your industry and put yourself forward as a thought leader.


Thought leader businesses are considered reputable, honest and are trusted more if they are well known in the industry, many businesses find that if they make a strong appearance at industry events the leads soon start rolling in afterwards. If you’re not sure how to land a speaking role at an event, here’s a quick guide that might help.




Another marketing technique linked to attending industry events, networking is the marmite of the business world – some people excel at and love it, others absolutely hate it. However, much like becoming a thought leader it is important when you’re looking to promote yourself and spread the word about your business. Get talking to people at the next get-together and you might just strike gold.




Outside your place of work, on a billboard or on the side of a van, signs are a forgotten marketing technique that offers you huge exposure and a wide local coverage. It’s one of the first techniques a small business should consider employing, while it is considered an investment but is one that will pay back over time. You could also invest in promotional merchandise like t-shirts, mugs and pens (you could get companies who have expertise in services similar to embroidery melbourne, or any other city to help you out in this domain) to promote your business and brand.


Donating prizes or sponsoring local events


Look around for local events going on at nearby schools or village halls that might feature raffles and therefore require donations. Get in contact with the organisers and ask if they require any prizes, you could donate everything from a hamper of products to coupons for your services that need redeeming by a certain date.


This offline marketing technique is great because for minimum expenditure you can get in front of people, allow them to test what your business has to offer and then potentially gain new customers for life.