Five Best Job Search Websites For 2017

Today’s workforce is primarily composed of online applicants. The internet has completely taken over the present day job hunt. Thousands of job boards, social media channels, networking groups, and staffing companies advertise employment opportunities daily. The market is so large that many find the present day job search a bit overwhelming.


One way to narrow the playing field is to utilize one of the many employment search engines available to the public for free online. These hosts compile hundreds of job openings and typically organize them by niche. However, it is helpful to keep in mind that many job aggregation sites are riddled with dead ends. Take a look at these five employment search engines that have been deemed highly useful by the general public.

Monster was one of the very first job search engines created. Recently redesigned, this veteran platform has built a respected name for employers. Though there are some filtering issues, Monster is still a very reliable source of information when seeking long-term employment. The site also offers extras such as networking boards, search alerts, and resume posting for active job seekers. If you need help with crafting your resume to put online, then you may want to speak to a resume writing service so you can stand out when applying for jobs on a site like


Indeed is an excellent job source as it allows for resume building and onsite submission to highly sought after employers. The cool thing about Indeed is that the site breaks down employment information into categories that most job sites do not. The site has also done a top notch job at creating an easy to use resource for employers and employees to enjoy.


LinkedIn is a resource that supplies the best of both worlds when it comes to communication and networking. The site not only allows people to search through a vast database of employers, but it provides the opportunity to follow and connect with like-minded individuals in the field. It is almost like the Facebook of job hunting. LinkedIn is also well-known for its high-quality job listings. Spam is no issue here.

Glass Door

Glass Door goes one step further with job aggregation and provides a site-sponsored tool to calculate one’s worth in the working world. The site also offers anonymous employee reviews on thousands of employers. Search for a job in any given niche. Find listings for legal associates to gallery curator.

Simply Hired

Simply Hired is a perfect place to experience a unique job searching experience. Similar to Pandora, users teach the search engine how to find the appropriate listings by rating various entries by interest. Simply Hired is different from other job search resources because it gives the user the ability to research salaries, sift through company profiles, and even add perspective jobs to a digital map for future reference.