Everything that you should know about men’s nature – Part I


You might have come across the saying that a problem can have multiple solutions; it all depends on how you want to approach it. But, do you know what exactly the moral behind this saying is? Well, the moral of the story is that solutions depend on the gender of the person giving the solution.

If you ask a female about a solution to a problem, they are made to talk and discuss and resolve things, whereas, if you ask a male to resolve a problem, they tend to take their time in thinking about the issue and analyzing its probable solution. In some cases, men could even prefer to not give a problem so much attention and distract themselves by playing video games, streaming movies, or perhaps watching porn (on Tube v Sex) and indulging in sexual activities. It could be because they want to analyze the situation at a later point when they can think without letting their emotions sway the rational mind. As oppose to that, the majority of women might have a tendency to make decisions emotionally and it can highly affect the outcome of solving problems.

Perth escorts are also from that part of population who like to talk and discuss things, and this is the reason why they are hired for most of the times. People hire them so that they can burst out and talk about their feelings and can spend some valuable time with them. The way men react to situations is all the way different from how women react. They tend to move in a logical space, which can also be termed as cave, which do not have any physical identity but is a space created by them around them, where they can sit and relax and alongside work on the issues and their problems.


This cave can be there personal time where they don’t want to be disturbed by anyone or their cave can be time spent with their friends with whom they can talk whatever they want, without thinking about repercussions of their discussion. They can even indulge in their favourite outdoor games or involve in some video games, but they need their own space to free their mind of everyday juggles. This can undoubtedly be a nice way to sort a problem; however, one question that surrounds all these activities is what women should do when men are in their own world.

If you look at her perspective, she might feel ignored or unwanted, especially in the case when she had an argument with him and now he is into his own space to think about the cause of situation. This might let her feel that this relationship is not working the way it should have been and can cause insecurities in her mind. But, why exactly does a man need to walk into this so called hypothetical cave, when he can share it with her partner or in some case with girls from adult services Brisbane.


Well the reasons are pretty clear and some of them include being pushed by his partner, or his partner not let him express freely or he feels harassed by her actions or female pressurizing him of committing for things or when a man simply needs some space from her. These are few of the general reason why men turn towards the cave and walk in the way to evacuate the situation and gain some time to think and react accordingly. However, we do have something for women as well where we will share as to what they can do to deal with this period when men are in their own zone, which will be discussed in next article.