Different Types of Solicitors

If you plan to invest in a property, file for divorce, or write your will one of these days, you will need a solicitor to stand by your side. You may find yourself in a legal dilemma, and you need to seek help from a solicitor in your state.

When reaching out to a solicitor, you want to know or find out if they have the right training and specialization to handle your issues professionally. Here are some of the different solicitors available in the legal industry and what cases they are more specialized to handle.

  1. Tax Solicitors

You cannot escape only two things in life: paying taxes and death. When you find yourself in tax issues, the right person you want to contact is a tax solicitor in your state.

A tax solicitor is specialized in investigating issues with tax evasions, prosecuting tax offenders, and auditing tax accounts. They also help you interpret tax rules and all the regulations defending public authorities from private sector claims.

  1. Property solicitors

Buying a property for the first time is a tedious and lengthy process. There are more formalities involved in the exchange of property, which means you will need someone to hold your hand in the process. A property lawyer is also known as a conveyancing solicitor.

Conveyancing solicitors are responsible for helping you to sell or buy a property like a new home, or vehicle. They help you go through all the legal requirements of putting all the documents you need to succeed in place. They make the conveyancing process swift and simple for you.

  1. Divorce solicitors

If you have issues with filing divorce or marriage papers in court, you can seek assistance from divorce solicitors. They are well conversant with family law and help with issues with the dissolution of marriage.

Having an experienced divorce lawyer on the bench to handle your case can often increase your chances of a positive outcome when filing a divorce. Where children, money, assets, and other properties are involved, you need to hire a licensed and experienced divorce lawyer to hold your hand in the process.

  1. Personal injury solicitor

When you suffer any injury from a road accident or wrongful medication that was not your fault, you can claim compensation from the other party. In this case, you will need a personal injury lawyer to represent you and speed up the process of getting your compensation or claim on time.

If you want to win a claim on a personal injury like a road accident or work-related injury, you have to prove beyond doubt that someone else’s action is the reason for your pain and suffering. A personal injury solicitor is trained in this line and can work with you to win the case.

  1. Commercial solicitor

Corporate law or business law covers a variety of commercial activities. Those in need of business lawyers may include small businesses, banks, insurance companies, and large businesses.

A commercial solicitor is specialized in advising businesses in any legal issues they may be faced with in the line of business. An experienced commercial solicitor should be able to handle all the legal issues in your business in a timely and discrete manner.

  1. Employment solicitors

Employment or labor law is one big area that most organizations find hectic to interpret. This area of law is subject to change due to legal and technical issues that keep rising regularly. Therefore, if you have an employment law case, you need to hire a solicitor who is more conversant with the case.

You should seek an employment solicitor who can give practical advice and ensure your access to legal service is affordable.

  1. Probate solicitors

A probate solicitor is specialized in providing legal advice on issues to do with inheritance tax, wills, and probate trusts. This is often a sensitive issue and needs an experienced lawyer to handle it. In most cases, people don’t want to discuss their death and what should happen once they are deceased.

An experienced probate lawyer should be able to discuss this issue comfortably with their clients and assist them with the preparation of wills and trusts. He or she should be able to take you through the process of filing for will and all the complexities of trusts.

  1. Bankruptcy solicitors

You need to sit down with a bankruptcy solicitor if you are having financial difficulties and planning bankruptcy proceedings. A bankruptcy solicitor will advise you accordingly on your eligibility for bankruptcy.

He will also advise you on the various types of bankruptcy available and which one suits you based on the financial circumstances you are facing.

You will also explore other potential alternatives for bankruptcy if you hire an experienced bankruptcy solicitor to help you with your case.