Décor ideas for making a perfect home office


Working from home is becoming increasingly popular, especially with the spread of the internet. If you are planning a home office and want a comfortable and inviting space that is uniquely yours, here are some ideas.


Think carefully about the purpose and layout of your available space. Place the things you will use most often within easy reach. For example, if your work involves using a printer frequently, consider placing the printer close to where you will be sitting.


Workspaces can be fairly small, depending on what type of work you are doing. If you are creating a workspace in the corner of a living room or the end of a hallway and space is limited, go up the wall! Tall, narrow storage can hold a multitude of things. A separate room will allow more freedom in your choice of colour and the size of your office furniture, whereas fitting a workspace into another room means you will have to restrict your décor to the existing one. In this case, consider using a screen to hide the work area when not in use.


A workspace is a place where you need to concentrate, and unwanted noise makes this difficult. If you have a window that looks out onto a street or public space, even double glazing may not solve the noise problem. Plantation shutters offer a stylish solution. When closed, these will not only exclude a lot of sound, but they can also be adjusted to suit the level of light you want in the room. Choose shutters with a robust construction that will not rattle in strong winds. If you can, try and get Custom Shutters so that they fit your windows perfectly. This is completely optional though!


Good lighting is vital to avoid the risk of eye strain. Lighting can be both natural and artificial. The amount of natural light can be adjusted by using shutters, curtains, or screens. A center light or wall lights can create a bright yet inviting feel. A desk lamp should not shine into your eyes or onto a screen. If you are working continuously on your computer, you may want to look into purchasing some blue light glasses to help with any effects that blue light can have, especially if you are working close to bedtime as it can disrupt your sleeping pattern.


Colour affects us all in different ways, so choose your colours carefully. Creative people often prefer a vibrant working environment to stimulate the imagination, while others may prefer a more peaceful colour scheme to aid concentration.


The desk is the focal point of any workspace. It may have to hold your computer equipment, desk lighting or whatever else you need, so make sure it is a suitable size and is the right height to avoid any strain on your back, hands or eyes.


Your chair should be chosen with the utmost care, especially if you will be sitting in it for hours. Make sure it is ergonomically suitable and is comfortable for you. By taking the time to look at office furniture sites like Office Monster (https://www.officemonster.co.uk/office-furniture), you will be able to find a wide array of chairs that offer good lumbar support, height, and tilt adjustments, as well as having a comfortable seat. All these factors can help to increase your productivity in the long run.

Plan before you start, and if you follow the above suggestions, then you will not only have a workspace designed just for you but also one in which it will be a pleasure to work.