Choosing an Office Space: Corporate versus Characterful

One classic literary trope is to use settings to create an atmosphere, and evoke certain feelings and emotions. Gothic horror stories always take place in dilapidated, grey stone mansions, whilst chick flicks are set against a backdrop of Georgian town houses and cosy cottages. The reason for this is simple: it is grounded in reality.

One of the key tools used by visitors to assess the status and personality of homeowners and business owners is the appearance of a property. Streamlined modern skyscrapers and workplaces made of glass are associated with the young and ambitious, whilst black and white Tudor conversions are a symbol of respectability, trustworthiness, and honest dealings.

This all means one thing: when it comes to choosing a business property, appearance is key. But which style is better suited to your enterprise: a dazzling corporate workspace or a characterful conversion?


What Image Do You Want to Project?

When it comes to making decisions about the personality of your business property, the best place to start is by sitting down and thinking about the image that you want to project. In the world of enterprise, image is everything, so staying ‘on brand’ is really important. Sleek, modern buildings, for example, are highly evocative of fast-moving, competitive commercial enterprises, whilst a more characterful domestic conversion is better suited to businesses that are slightly slower paced, with a need to project an air of reliability and trustworthiness.

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What Facilities Do You Require?

Another important consideration is the facilities that your business will require. Running water, and water that has the ability to change in temperature, is a must for all commercial properties, regardless of the type of business that you run. So, before you even move in, getting in touch with and hiring professional commercial plumbers to inspect the plumbing work of your property is a must. Of course, if you have further issues down the line that concern your plumbing, you need to know who you can trust, so this is the perfect time to put yourself in a good position. Ensuring that your business has various other facilities is important too.

As a rule, corporate offices tend to be located in new builds, which are ideally set-up for the installation of high-end computing equipment. Characterful properties, on the other hand, are often older, meaning that they’re not always optimised for intricate technological usage. Although there are some exceptions to the rule, it’s really important to make sure that properties fit your purposes before you sign on the dotted line. It would also be advisable to fix the premise you want the office to be in before getting to buy the office equipment. Else, you might have to often contact specialists like a Mulgrave Removalist or one near you, for that matter, who could easily be accessible and would be at your disposal when needed.

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Will You Need a Serviced Property?

When it comes to choosing the perfect commercial location, a final point to consider is whether or not you’ll require a serviced office. Many characterful properties are domestic conversions, which means that they’re usually smaller and privately managed. Thus, they are often self-contained, and cleaning and front of house responsibilities are left in your hands. As you would imagine, this means that there are far more corporate locations offering a serviced set-up, and there is a greater likelihood that these will meet more discerning needs.

Where will you choose to locate your offices?