Business Travel Smarts: Getting the Most Out of Your Trip

Even the most hardened business traveler has to admit it: there are times when you just wish you were somewhere else. Some of the negative aspects of travel, when you are at the mercy of airlines and the elements, are unavoidable. But sometimes you can get into the habit of accepting inconveniences which could, with a little care, be bypassed.

Smart Planning

Don’t always use one mode of transport; consider the options. Planes may be the obvious choice for transcontinental journeys, but trains or driving may be better for some destinations. Sometimes a bus is the best way if it drops you conveniently near to your destination. One option that often gets overlooked is chartering a private flight through a company like Not only can flying privately be the quickest way to your destination, but it also offers you the opportunity to work without distraction while you are in their air.

Think about your connections. Expedia may offer you some cheap deals but think about the timing and the convenience. Some cities are much better than others when it comes to making connections.

Pack wisely and economically. Only take what will go into a carry-on bag, to avoid wasting time in the baggage claim hall. Study the weather forecast so that you don’t get caught out with the wrong clothes.

Spend to Save

Going with the cheapest option for travel and accommodation does not always bring the best long-term benefit to your business.

If you are entertaining clients for a big contract, it may well be worth paying the extra for more comfortable accommodation. For a weekend conference, get away from it all by visiting a well-resourced hotel with good leisure facilities like the Marriott Hilton Head Island resort and spa on the South Carolina coast.

Similarly, to make a good impression, as well as for your own convenience and comfort, it may help if you turn up in a rental car that stands out, like a Mercedes or Audi.

However, you can always save some money by thinking of more economical options to move around Hilton Head (if you do decide to stay there) during your leisure time. Tourists often choose bicycles to commute, which acts as a way to stay active as well as avoid overspending. Consider inquiring about economical travel options at Peddling Pelican Cruiser Hilton Head bike rentals if you’re at Hilton Head, or a bike rental service at the place you’re travelling to.

If you can upgrade to a better wifi service, it is usually worth doing so.

Use Time Creatively

When you are traveling, avoid frustration by using your time effectively.

You can achieve a lot in your plane seat. Many travelers find that noise-canceling earphones are a great help to concentration on a plane. Make time to concentrate on things that can be done at a distance and set aside specific times and places when you will be in touch with your office-somewhere quiet with good cell phone reception.

Save time at airports by signing up to the TSA Preü service, which will get you through security clearance quickly and conveniently.

It is not all about work. There are down times on a business trip, so make the most of what is available. At Hilton Head, there are tennis courts and golf courses to enjoy, while in any big city there are cultural landmarks to visit and beautiful parks to explore.

Making the Best

Nobody said that business travel was all about having fun, but there are things you can do which will make your traveling and your lodging less stressful and more rewarding. When you come back from a trip more invigorated than exhausted, you have probably got the balance right.