Business Security: Protecting Your Store From Crime

If you’re a business owner, then you know the importance of protecting yourself from crime and criminal intent. There are a few different platforms on which crime can occur, so it’s best to have at least a basic understanding of all of them to protect your investments and free yourself from anxiety.

In particular, you can focus on things like on-site security, cyber security, putting up cameras so that you have video footage around your business’s physical location, and making sure that all of your insurance is up-to-date. If you make sure that those four core categories are taken care of, then you have a pretty good idea of how to protect yourself from financial loss.


On-Site Security


On-site security may be in the form of a roving security patrol. These can potentially be privately employed people who have access to restraints or other crime-fighting techniques. The most part, simply having someone in a uniform patrolling should be enough to keep away opportunists who think that your business is an easy target. You should always know how to contact law enforcement in the event of illegal activity, having a personal force at least on a small scale isn’t a bad idea. You may also want to look at physical building protection, such as installing security glass from businesses like Riot Glass to keep it physically protected in case of a potential break-in.




If you’ve been reading any news at all lately, you know that cybersecurity is a problem. Hackers are going crazy finding all sorts of ways into people’s digital systems, and then doing things like stealing passwords or otherwise creating havoc inside businesses proprietary data systems. The whole concept of ransoming digital data has been hitting a peak lately, and anonymous hackers have been doing a pretty good job of evading law enforcement if they’ve figured out easy password packs to get into mainframes.


Video Footage


Video footage can be an important part of your business security as well. If you have cameras set up outside and inside your business, and you have the data uploading to a cloud server where you have real-time access to view the footage, you can catch thieves in the act. These types of camera systems are particularly low cost these days as well, so it’s almost automatic that you should have them installed if you have a brick and mortar location.




And finally, it’s important to have theft insurance for your business. If you have something worth protecting, then you have to consider that insurance is something worth purchasing. Especially if you have valuable stock in your location, or even expensive equipment, knowing that you have insurance on hand if some criminal activity happens, that means that your business can carry on without any significant loss of value in the short term.