Building a Happy Team


The key to a successful office team is employee happiness. If they are not feeling engaged, motivated and valued at work, then happiness levels dwindle quickly – as does productivity.

Building a happy team requires you to show that you care about the health, wellbeing and success of your staff, rather than seeing them as a means to an end.

Let them know they’re appreciated

When working in a busy office, most employees do not have the time to ensure that they eat well throughout the day, and instead fall back on vending machine junk or fast food.

Something thoughtful, such as a simple fruit basket from Fruitful Office at your next team meeting can go a long way towards helping staff feel valued and appreciated. It’s easy to get fresh fruit delivered straight to your office door, and you can watch productivity levels increase too as your team get the healthy boost they need to see them through the rest of the day.

Nurture talent and give support

Happy employees work harder, are more driven and feel more loyalty and attachment to the company they work for. Nurturing and developing potential is fundamental to ensuring that you build a happy team of people who know that their skills are valued rather than going to waste.

It is crucial for employees to share goals with teams and make each project a collaborative process where everyone feels involved and important. Otherwise engagement will drop, and staff motivation will suffer.

Support your team and show them that you care about their goals just as much as yours. This can be done by making time for team members in meetings or in support sessions, or simply by getting in touch regularly to see how everyone is getting on. If any employees are finding it hard to thrive in the work environment, investigate the reason and take actions accordingly. In order to support the mental health of struggling employees, you could consider reaching out to companies like LeggUP ( that can provide solutions to address such issues.

What’s your leadership style?

Investing in your own leadership skills is a great way to ensure that you are on the right track. Most first-time leaders make mistakes, as they are so focused on making deadlines and getting the most out of their team that they do not have the time to educate themselves on the leadership process.

However, taking the time to do so can prove to be invaluable when it comes to building and sustaining a happy team. Learn how to receive feedback, learn how to admit to your mistakes, and learn how to lead successfully by focusing on solutions rather than problems.

Boost your team’s confidence

In unhappy work environments, employees often fear giving their opinions, or speaking out lest they be put down. To build a happy team, it is imperative that you have confidence in them. Never make people feel small for their mistakes, but instead use such moments to correct errors and build confidence, while always acknowledging good work. Plus if you focus on things like virtual Corporate team building then you can develop these connections between employees ensuring that they can work together and become more confident and proficient in their work.

Overall, it’s the simple things that make the biggest difference. Showing your team that you are invested in them as much as they are invested in the company goes a long way towards boosting happiness levels and creating a stimulating workplace.