Boosting Sales in Your Business Using the Revenue-Match Method

For a start-up founder who appears to be beating the odds and realising some success in their venture, there’s perhaps no greater joy than the bittersweet moment of having to deal with the headache of expanding. This is particularly true in the case of having to respond to the type of growth which sees the demand for your product or service rising to the point that you inevitably have to expand.


Expanding your marketing and advertising strategy to reach more potential clients never hurts either if you have the budget for it. With the right budget, you can also invest in a sales enablement manager to keep a note of your sales and track the progress. However, for those entrepreneurs and business owners whose marketing budgets are rather limited, the revenue-match method can be used very effectively to reach more potential clients and also boost sales. Improving sales prospecting with the help of essential tools like Crunchbase can help get prospects that match your ideal customer profile (ICP). This would really work in the case of producing and selling products and services, which ensure you get rather sizable margins because then you can benefit from the power of creating a sales team at next to no cost, or rather a proper SALES FORCE!Also, You can use automated sales software to increase the work efficiency of the agents to get more productivity out of their work. These software companies may also provide free trials to understand the workability of the application, and for that, you can do a web search or see here to avail a few benefits.

Commission-Based Sales

This is effectively what affiliate marketing is all about — giving virtually anybody the opportunity to become part of your sales force, with the sales they make earning you both money. You can see why this model only really works with products and services with bigger margins and that’s why selling through affiliates is so popular with digital products and services. With digital products the cost of production amounts to nothing at all or the digital products cost very little to create.

The idea behind commission-based sales is to firstly attract more people to become part of your marketing network so that you can penetrate the market much deeper and secondly, because just about anyone can join your sales team and earn themselves (and you) some good money marketing your product for you, you might even uncover some serious talent by way of sales agents. Just one of the people in your sales team could essentially make you seriously successful.

Implementing the Revenue-Match Method

The revenue-match system is essentially for when you just want to give sales a serious injection, but it only really works if you’re already making some good profits or if you have a comfortable stack of cash set aside for marketing. How it works is seen mainly in the online gambling industry, through something like a Genting Casino Promotion Code 2016. In this example the revenue-matching (or deposit-matching) method is deployed between the end-user and the service provider, in that whatever the client deposits into their account is matched by the online casino operator.

When this same model is implemented across a sales force, some serious sales boosts can result. Say for instance your affiliates earn 10% on each sale they make on a digital product of yours, using this revenue-match method would simply mean that they now get 20% for each sale they make because you resolved to match whatever it is they bring in, in sales. Again, in the case of something like a digital product with low overheads and high profit margins, it really won’t hurt you to give your affiliates 20% commission as opposed to 10%, operated for a limited time of course because the aim is to spike the sales a bit.