6 Reasons Why Prepaid Cards are the Best Payout Solution for Currency Trading

Forex exchange trading can be very profitable for those who both have with a trusted broker and are strategically prepared. Generally, when clients wish to spend their profits, they have to withdraw them from their forex brokers’ account, transferring it into their personal bank account.  More and more forex brokers are now making prepaid cards available to their customers as an alternative withdrawal option, due to their being a faster and more convenient payout method. Here are some more reasons why prepaid cards are being increasingly preferred as a payout option for currency trading:


Competitive Rates

Prepaid cards typically offer better rates than banks for payouts, the accumulated savings from the lowered rates can be highly beneficial to forex portals with regular cash flow. Broker can disburse these savings to investors as incentives and appreciation of their continued use of their services and platform. Prepaid cards are a viable and beneficial alternative to traditional bank transfers.


High Load Limits

For some clients who have huge amounts in their forex account and wishes to use their money for immediate purposes, some prepaid card providers allow load limits of up to 50,000 USD giving clients flexibility to spend their money as they deem fit.


Instant Payouts

Prepaid cards allow forex brokers to instantly send money to their investors, giving them immediate access to their earnings for usage online, in stores or at ATMs worldwide. Prepaid cards can be integrated into an existing Forex platform through an API allowing investors to easily load them. This payout option is instant, 24/7, working to increase customer satisfaction, something which may even help attract new clients.


Global Acceptance

Much like credit cards, prepaid cards can be used in-store, online and at compatible ATMs worldwide. They can also be used to pay bills and can even be set up to cater for recurring payments. With this, investors and clients can spend their trading profits wherever, whenever and however they like.


Branded Solutions

Fully-branded prepaid cards are perfect for trading platforms who are looking for a custom, White label prepaid card payout solution for their investors. With accessibilities which include mobile applications, multi-lingual support and IVR/SMS systems, prepaid cards are truly a user-friendly, cost-effective payout solution for brokers and their clients.


Easier Payment Reconciliation

With prepaid card, payout management is fast, streamlined and with high accuracy ensured. With reconciliation reports recording all events that involves any activities with the float account’s balance. Load history is detailed, with information available to the individual card level. Making prepaid card payment reconciliation   a truly efficient and hassle-free process.


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