4 Amazing Sources for Customer Swag

Everybody loves free stuff. Therefore, any time you can tap into that positive association (and reinforce your branding at the same time), it’s good news.

It’s not a new concept, either. Swag has deep roots in history–dating back to the election of George Washington in the late 1700s when promotional buttons were handed out to voters. Over time, swag evolved into yard sticks, pens, t-shirts, and more. And employees love swag too – even more so when it goes beyond the normal stress ball, and you can click here for more ideas on what employees love when it comes to swag.

Today, swag still holds and important place in many entrepreneurs’ budget. The question is, where do you go to find these products? And what should you invest in?

In this post, we’ll look at a few different places entrepreneurs suggested that you can turn to for top-quality (and low cost) swag. Plus, we’ll share some products that will actually be worthwhile to those who receive them.

1. 4imprint


At 4imprint, you’ll find swag ranging from apparel to to technology that’s completely customizable. One of the features 4imprint prides itself on is free samples, which they ship out to customers who are uncertain about placing a large order without seeing the product first. In most instances, they include a free return label that makes the process even more painless. Their customization services range from screen printing to embroidery.

Entrepreneur Nicole Speca of Kennebug said, “4imprint is one of the best places I have found for giveaways for customers.The prices are the best and the selection is HUGE.”

Benefit: Coupon codes and free samples

2. Printfection


For those who want their promotional items handled externally, Printfection offers a solution that handles the whole process–from ordering to fulfillment. Their service incorporates swag into three main arenas: Lead generation strategy, customer rewards system, and events. With lots of different types of swag to choose from in a variety of price ranges, this option works for small and large businesses.

Copywriter Rick Slaboda from Webcopyplus said, “The best place to get swag is definitely Printfection. They have cool products, but what blows the competition away is their system, which makes it so easy to order, distribute and manage the goods. They make you look look a rock star with little effort and time.”

Benefit: Fulfillment can be completely outsourced

3. Swag Expert


With so many different promotional products out there, Swag Expert takes the approach of cherry picking only the best items and then working alongside their clients to make sure the swag helps accomplish their marketing goals. Much more hands-on than other swag dealers, they put the focus on customer service and planning.

Swag Expert Founder Eric Granata said, “‘Where’ is the easy question when it comes to swag. ‘What’ and ‘Why’ are trickier.”

Benefit: Guidance and strategy helps you more wisely spend your swag budget

4. Scoutbooks


Scoutbooks has carved out the recycled, stylish notebook niche of the promotional products market. With tons of options for design and color customization (you can even get colored stapes!), these statement pocket-sized notebooks are useful swag that everyone can appreciate. Bonus: They’re made 100% in the USA.

Steven Lewis, a designer at Chartio, said, “Our customers really like them, and I know I’ve been using them daily. They’re an awesome compliment to our other promotional items, like mugs and shirts.”

Benefit: USA made and made from 100% recycled materials

Honorable Mention: Vistaprint


We can’t talk about swag without mentioning Vistaprint. While they have do have many low-cost items, you might be sacrificing the customer service and product quality in working with a large supplier focused on volume.

Benefit: Low cost

What have you done for customer swag?