3 Types of Ties Perfect for Business Casual

At first, achieving a business casual look sounds relatively easy, but it can be deceptively tricky to walk the line between traditional business wear and relaxed attire. Going too far in either direction can make you look either too uptight or too relaxed, so it’s natural to stress a little over the details.

For example, many people find it hard to pick out a tie for business casual. After all, the tie is generally a signifier of professionalism; while more casual ones exist, they can often look a little too novel or creative for business casual.


But there’s no reason to fret. If you need to create the perfect business casual look, here are three types of tie that often work well.


1. Paisley Tie


The paisley tie is of Persian origin. It uses droplet motifs in flowing shapes and a range of striking patterns and shades – patterns look a little like twisted teardrops. They’re a little more vibrant and fun than solid colour corporate ties, but they’re still traditional and refined enough to lend a touch of class. As such, they’re perfect for business casual events, especially during the summer.


2. Tartan Ties


Tartan designs consist of several checked patterns formed by overlaying stripes. Again, they make a great choice for business casual since they seem to strike an ideal balance between formal and laid back. They work well whether you’re going out in the depths of winter or at the height of summer, and they tend to complement blazers and seersucker jackets, ideal if you’re not planning to don a suit.


3. Foulard Ties


You might not have heard of a Foulard tie, but you would almost certainly recognise one if you saw it. They incorporate very neat repeating geometric patterns. Sometimes shapes are repeated, such as squares and diamonds, but you may also see dots, flowers, and other designs. These are smaller and more subdued than the dots of a polka dot tie, so the Foulard lends itself well to any occasion.