3 Tips for Keeping Your Employees Healthy At Work

In order for your business to function as it should, you’ve got to have each of your employees doing their job to the best of their ability. However, if your staff is frequently getting sick and having to miss work, the productivity of your business is going to suffer. While you can’t control what your employees do or are exposed to at home that can make them sick, you do have control over the atmosphere of your workspace. So to help ensure that your employees remain healthy enough to be beneficial to your business, here are three tips for keeping your employees healthy at work.




Keep Mold To A Minimum


Mold can be a big contributing factor to getting sick due to exposure in a particular space. In fact, according to OSHA, mold can cause allergic reactions, cold-like symptoms, and even skin or other infections. Knowing this, exposure to mold in the workplace should be minimized as much as possible. If you think you may have a problem with mold in your workplace, consider bringing in a professional to help you take care of the mold.


Keeping the air inside an office space clean can make a lot of difference and may even prevent the formation of molds. You may want check for water leaks, fix your heating and cooling system, or increase the air movement in your workspace with the help of an Air Handler.

Institute Walking Meetings


Depending on the type of work you do, meetings might take up a big part of your day. And while it does make sense for some meetings to take place in a boardroom, there are likely certain meetings you’re having that could be turned into walking meetings. According to Spencer Blackman, a contributor to Entrepreneur.com, spending a mere 15 more minutes walking around each work day could bring about significant health benefits that could keep your employees much healthier. So when applicable, consider swapping out one of your traditional meetings for a walking meeting at least a few times a week.


Make Healthy Foods Available


Many people eat at least one meal a day at work. While this is usually lunch, it’s also not uncommon for people to eat breakfast, dinner or a number of snacks while on the job. However, because many offices don’t have the capabilities of making food, employees are often stuck with less healthy takeout options. And we all know that when you’ve been eating poorly, it’s not a big leap to feeling poorly. For this reason, Joyce Maroney, a contributor to WorkforceInstitute.org, suggests stocking your work kitchen with healthier food options that will inspire your employees to make their health a priority.


If helping your employees remain healthy is a goal of yours, considering using some of the tips mentioned above to make your work environment as healthy as you can.