3 Tips for Encouraging Your Employees To Be Healthier at Work

If your office is filled with rows and rows of cubicles and desks, there’s a pretty good chance that a number of your employees are becoming stuck in the rut of remaining at their desk all day without taking the time to think about how these habits are affecting their health. And while you may be thinking that your employees’ health shouldn’t really be your concern, when you’ve got people calling in sick, needing to take prolonged vacations, or requiring medical assistance, their health will soon become much more your problem. So to help your employees remain in peak physical condition and your company running smoothly, here are three things you may want to consider to encourage your employees to be healthier at work.


Rethink Break Room Treats

It’s totally normal for people to take a few breaks during the way to regroup their thoughts or unwind from working hard for a few hours. During these breaks, one of the most common activities consists of eating a snack.

Traditionally, break rooms are often stocked with processed foods that, while they taste good, are definitely not good for your body. So rather than keeping a box of donuts on the counter or endless varieties of chips in the vending machine, Geoffrey James, a contributor to Inc.com, recommends supplying more fruit for snack breaks. Things like blueberries or grapes are perfect to eat as a snack during work hours because they aren’t messy and won’t leave your hands feeling sticky.

Let There Be Light

Natural light can do wonders for your physical and mental health, especially in the workplace. But sadly, not everyone is blessed with having an office with a window, making it necessary for your employees to find some light in other ways. Samantha Zabell, a contributor to Real Simple, suggests either encouraging employees to eat their lunch or take other breaks outside as well as scheduling meetings near as much natural light as possible to help your employees get some sun. Not only will this help them sleep better at home, but it will also help their overall mood to be improved at work.

Take A Stand

Sitting for eight hours a day can wreak havoc on your body. It can make you more tired and does nothing to improve your health. Luckily, this can be remedied simply by standing up more often during the day. If at all possible, John Patrick Pullen, a contributor to Time.com, advises bringing in sit-stand workstations to give your employees the chance to stand at their desks rather than just sit. This allows them to continue working on the business while simultaneously working on their health.

With just a few minor changes, you can have healthier and happier employees. Use some of the tips mentioned above to see for yourself today.