3 Reasons Why Kraft Paper Bags Are So Cool

There are plenty of things to consider when choose bags for your business, and coolness might be something to think about if you want to attract new customers. It might seem like a fairly loose term, but looking for cool, fashionable bags can help you stand out, and here are just three reasons why Kraft paper bags are ideal.

1. Kraft Paper is Environmentally Friendly

You’d have to be living under a rock to not understand how important the eco-friendly credentials of packaging materials have become. It’s important to choose environmentally conscious materials simply to promote sustainable business practices, but it’s also a smart way to court customers. Nowadays, shoppers want to know the businesses they frequent are committed to helping the environment, so eco-friendly products have become increasingly cool. Kraft paper certainly fits the bill since it’s 100% recyclable and biodegradable.

2. Kraft Paper is Ideal for Customization

While plain paper bags have a degree of retro charm, most businesses who understand the value of branding like to add custom printing. Kraft paper is a fantastic material for printing since it takes ink well and doesn’t crumple when held, meaning any branding you add will stand out and get noticed as your customers carry the bags around. With the freedom to make a cool design, Kraft paper should be a top choice for creative businesses. 

3. Kraft Paper Combines Upscale with Simplicity 

One of the problems with using simpler materials is that they don’t always suggest your business and products are particularly upscale. However, Kraft paper sidesteps that issue since it combines the old-fashioned simplicity customers seek with the premium look and feel that keeps bringing them back. Not at all flimsy, the appearance of Kraft paper is sophisticated and professional, and its thickness and strength make it feel like a luxury product to the touch.